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Coming from a small town in Ely Nevada back in the 50's and 60's I                  have always wanted to start a small business to bring some of my ideas        to fruition. Like most entrepreneurs, starting with cutting grass, washing car, delivering news papers, washing windwows, cleaning yards and houses,       etc.etc.  With the advent  of the world wide web now my products can              reach it's full potential getting into the hands of people all around the world. It's a  great feeling to see your products being appreciated in places like        India, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Mexico, Bahamas, and many many more country's. We create all are own designs some of the products    are our inventions. We have been in business since the middle 80's selling      bundled fire wood the some of the major stores like Albertsons, Alfa                     Beta, Lucky's and many other local business stores and homes.   

Men's & Ladies Clothing Stores | Zarbozz


To continue to bring new and creative designs and          products to our customers local and around the world .


We will try to stay ahead of the curve bringing fresh new colorful, and witty designs to, today's the market.

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